Hello and welcome to Justin Starr Photography! I love sharing things that I'm passionate about and educating others as well. This is why I'm a music teacher - my first love was music and now I'm lucky enough to teach choir in a wonderful middle school, teaching private guitar, voice, and piano lessons; as well as perform as a musician in rock bands and pit orchestras. You're probably wondering: How does this relate to photography?


In my mid-20s I took a sudden and deep interest in astronomy. When I got my first telescope I was determined to share the night sky with others. I supposed you could say my first camera was my iPhone 4 and my first lens was my Orion ST80 telescope. I soon upgraded to a used DSLR, a canon 1000d (Rebel XS). Once I had that camera I figured I might as well use it for other things than just astrophotography. My dad lent me an 18-55mm and everything took off from there. I started photographing my wife riding horses, my dog, other people's dogs, headshots and portraits, events, and now arthropods (insects, spiders, and other crawling things)!


And through all of this, I continued learning myself and teaching others. Whether I'm running night sky photography classes for the local camera store or sharing information on Twitter about the latest spider I photographed, I'm always trying to spread the love of learning about the wonderful world, nay, the wonderful universe around us.


Be good to one another. Love to all. ✌