Justin Starr Photography | About

Hello and welcome to Justin Starr Photography! I have a deep passion for astronomy and I love to share the night sky with others. I have set up my telescopes on the streets of New York City and in the village of Huntington just to give passersby a look at the planets. I have also created an astronomy club at the middle school where I teach to hopefully inspire a new generation. Here you will see my astrophotographs, many of which were captured under the challenging light polluted skies of New York City.


My other photographs are inspired by my life. My wife rides horses, so I spend time at the barn photographing riders doing their equestrian thing: turnout, dressage, cross-country, bathing their mighty steeds, and such. I have a dog who is family. He is a very good model, but after a while I wanted to photograph other people's pets, both for my own enjoyment and so that they could have a nice keepsake of their 4-legged friends.